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Here are two videos that my colleagues and I made to show you what part of a session entails.

NOTE: We trained for several months directly with the person who created this modality and have practiced and worked on hundreds of clients in order to be able to do this correctly and not cause any harm. Please do not try this without proper training!

The first video demonstration shows Daniel working the gluteal and deep hip rotator muscle groups. You can see that Daniel is a lot bigger than Carly but he is still able to stand directly on top of her sacrum. You would think that this would be painful but it feels so good. This decompresses the sacrum or relieves any pressure that you may have in this area. Many of us sit all day or a major portion of the day. Wouldn’t you like to have someone relieve any pressure that you may feel from so much sitting? The second part of this is the gluteal roll. You can see how slowly this is done to work all of those deep muscles. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body so really being able to get right on top of this muscle and being able to work it using as much pressure or as little pressure as you want and along with the broad tool of the foot you can imagine it feels so good and is truly beneficial.

The second video is demonstrating Carly working on Daniel’s pecks where you can see that in just over 3 minutes using her feet and vibration along with pressure she is able to get the pecks and shoulders to move back to where they are laying almost flat on the table. With the pecks back this opens up the lungs which allows easier breathing. Since the pecks are attached to the scapula if your shoulders come forward (medial rotation) this pulls the scapula or shoulder blades apart. The muscles between the scapula are called the Rhomboids. When the rhomboids are tight they do not get the blood flow that they need which can cause pain including trigger points or knots in the belly of the muscle. So by allowing the shoulders to come back getting rid of any medial rotation the scapula or shoulder blades go back into place and the rhomboids are no longer tight. Just one session can keep these muscles in place for a few days.

These two videos are just a portion of what a whole session entails. The complete session is 60 minutes. Some people don’t do massage because they are not comfortable getting undressed. With this modality you can see that you will be fully clothed. The session starts with the trapezius and back and then works down the arms, hands, glutes, legs and feet. The session continues with the hips and IT band and then the fronts of the legs. The last part of the session is the pecks and then with with my hands I will finish up with some neck work.