Integrated Structural Massage for Pain

Integrated Structural Massage Helps Pain

Why are you experiencing pain in your body? You didn’t do anything different than you’ve done before but now suddenly, your arm or shoulder or knee or neck hurts. What did you do? Why are you in pain?

When you are a baby your muscles feel fine they are lengthened and healthy. As you get older in life things have a way of happening. You get in a car accident, you fall from your bike, you get stressed out by a job or spouse or children, you work out with too many weights, you stretch wrong etc., etc.
You think you are okay but as these things keep happening the muscles get shorter and shorter eventually they get so short and tight that they cause the arteries and veins that run through the muscle to get tighter and tighter and then circulation stops or slows down dramatically!

If your body is in pain there is something wrong and you must address the shortened muscle(s) that are blocking the circulation.

Integrated Structural Massage Salt Lake City

I do a specialized type of massage that uses vibration and pressure with a broader tool…my feet, it’s called Integrated Structural Massage. The vibration is manual that I am generating myself as I work your whole body and vibrate out the tightness and bring circulation to the body. I had one client say that your body gets dammed up and as you keep coming back, the dam releases and the tightness goes away and the pain leaves the body. Every time I vibrate on the muscle, blood flow is brought to the area which brings the nutrients that your muscle needs. As the nutrients come into the area, circulation is beginning to increase and the muscle begins to lengthen and tightness decreases.

All matter, which includes our bodies, are made of energy which vibrates. The amazing thing about this massage is the vibration! As I add more vibration with my feet to almost every area of your body it increases this vibrational energy of your body and increases the healing process.

Check out my videos of Integrated Structural Massage to see what I mean.