About Me

A Touch For Heeling is a locally-owned massage studio serving clients in the Salt Lake City area. Owner Jean Moss specializes in an innovative, unique method of structural massage that uses pressure and vibration to relax the muscles, allowing the body to eventually return back to homeostasis. By using her feet with bars for support, Jean combines compression with vibration to access the deeper layers of tissue to release tension. Each session is fully customized to meet your specific needs — the hour session is used for what you need for your body to work the best and get the greatest help. Contact Jean today to book an appointment!


Established in 2014

After I learned this modality I started working with the gentleman that I learned this from. He was injured but wanted this modality to continue as it is so effective. I continued working but changed the name to A Touch For Heeling.

Meet Jean

I was in the business world and spent a lot of time sitting at my desk for up to 14 hours a day. Because I sat so much I injured my sacrum and couldn’t sit for long periods of time anymore.
I had to stop working in an office setting and went to massage school to be able to help other people like me that needed some relief from stress and injuries from work and play.
While at massage school a gentleman come in to demonstrate a modality of massage that I was totally mesmerized with. I was later able to learn it and am now totally obsessed with getting it done on me and also working on my clients using it.
It has helped my problems that I have more than any other thing I have tried including regular massage and chiropractic care.
I have been doing this modality along with regular massage for going on 2 years.