Since this is a modality that is not so well know I always get a lot of questions that people ask me. Here are some of the aswers.

1. How long does a session last and what does it consist of? A session lasts 60 minutes and starts with the trapezius and then the back and goes down the back of the body. Next you will turn to the sides to do the hips and IT band and then the quads ending with the pecks. The last part is the neck which is done with my hands.

2. What is the reason for the vibration? When you use vibration it confuses the Central Nervous System and instead of resisting the pressure the muscle relaxes and then you can get deeper into the muscle. With every vibration as I work throughout your body, there is fresh blood being pumped into the area. The fresh blood helps in the healing.

3. How many sessions do I need to “fix” any problems that I may be having? Every person is different. I recommend buying the package deal and coming in for 4 weeks straight and then at that point assessing where you are. What happens as you keep coming in is that the tension in the muscle will start releasing and the muscle will start to hold and stay in place. As soon as that happens then you can come every three weeks and then every other week and then just once a month for maintenance. If you are in it to fix it this is the best plan.

4. How would you describe what this modality does? This modality is like a mini workout for the muscles. I will be working almost every muscle group except of course the front midsection and a few other areas. If you have ever gone to the Chiropractor he will work to move your bones back into place. What normally is causing the bones to move out of place is tight muscles. If you don’t deal with the tight muscles then you could being going to the Chiropractor for along time. This modality because of the vibration, large working tool (the foot) and the amount of pressure that I am able to give you helps to eventually relieve the tight muscles so that your body structure can go back into place the way that your body is designed to do.